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Our Offer

We offer wide range of services for our guests to let them find the comfort in their home.

Join us, we are day by day a bigger community!

Our places

Type of accommodation:
– beds in a shared room,
– private rooms with beds,
– rooms with private bathroom,
– studio apartments and mini apartments,
– one-bedroom apartments (two-room apartments with separate bedroom),
– apartments with small or large halls and shared spaces,
– apartments with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more bedrooms,
– houses,
– offices, apartment-offices.

We also collaborate with real estate agencies and guarantee the security and credibility of transactions.

Our accommodations are always furnished and equipped with all kinds of appliances (iron, washing machine or laundry service, fridge and freezer, dishwasher and much more) and electronic equipment and devices (fans, TV and more). We have accommodations served by elevators, with balcony or terrace, security services, parking and parking spaces. Our accommodations are furnished and equipped with all kinds of kitchen utensils.
All our places are warm in winter (they check the thermal insulation and the quality of the windows) and cool in summer (all our accommodations have an excellent ventilation system and some of our apartments have an air conditioning system).
In all our apartments there is a fast WiFi internet connection service.

Our apartments are located in all geographical areas of Krakow (near the castle or with a view, center, Vistula river, near universities, colleges and polytechnics, old town, Jewish quarter, near parks and green areas, public facilities, a stone’s throw from the financial centers, adjacent to railway and bus stations, near places of entertainment for the evening but also in very quiet places, in modern buildings or ancient buildings). Our accommodations are:
– in areas of historical / cultural interest such as ul. Św. Agnieszki, ul. Józefa, ul. Św. Sebastiana,
– in residential areas and green areas such as ul. Fałata, ul. Jadwigi z Łobzowa, ul. Józefińska, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego, ul. Mazowiecka, ul. Przewóz, ul. Salwatorska, ul. Sienkiewicza,
– in areas perfect for nightlife and entertainment or near cafes and restaurants such as ul. Basztowa, ul. Floriańska, ul. Krakowska, ul. Kordeckiego, ul. Krowoderska, ul. Łazarza, ul. Michałowskiego, ul. Radziwiłłowska, ul. Smoleńsk, al. Słowackiego, ul. Stradomska, ul. Zamenhofa,
– near important public transport hubs such as ul. Starowiślna, ul. Dietla, ul. Traugutta,
– in places adjacent to universities, financial centers, shopping centers, polytechnics and in strategic areas such as al. Daszyńskiego, ul. Friedleina, ul. Kątowa, ul. Miechowity, ul. Towarowa.

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Relocation services

We know that moving to another country can often be a very traumatic and stressful experience. For this reason our community takes the responsibility of welcoming foreigners and helping them on their relocation journey to a new city so that they receive the best possible welcome. We take care of everything: residence permit and pesel number, public transport season ticket, moving house, contracts, translation of documents and contracts and more.

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Our offer for professionals and employers/corporations

We offer valuable collaboration to large companies and multinationals that make investments in human resources and that hire people from the most disparate countries to work in the city of Krakow.
Our places are for all types of pockets and wallets. We have very affordable decent apartments, exclusive downtown accommodations, private en-suite rooms, family apartments, modern studios, apartments with views, accommodations with terraces and balconies and more.

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Our offer for students from foreign countries (EU and non-EU) and for local students

Likewise, we are in constant contact with international student organizations and institutions in order to offer Erasmus students a unique educational experience.

Some of our buildings in the heart of Krakow such as Stradomska 5, Dietla 57 or near famous universities such as Friedleina 3 are dedicated to Erasmus students. In these buildings, students can fully experience the Erasmus study experience. These buildings are veritable “towers of Babylon”, as we try to maintain cultural and linguistic diversity in the apartments so that tenants can learn new languages ​​at home and communicate with each other in English.

We also collaborate with language schools, so that our tenants can have discounted prices if they want to start language courses.

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